Malvasia delle Lipari DOC selezione Carlo Hauner

Alc.: 13,5%

Grape varieties: Malvasia delle Lipari 95%, Corinto Nero 5%

Vine training: Spalier, Guyot

Harvest: Late, with sun-drying on cane mats for 30/40 days

Winemaking: 40 days in small oak barrels

Aging: Barriques

Fining: 8 months in the bottle

Tasting notes: Great brilliance in a true yellow-green gold. Powerfully concentrated, marvelously dense with rich narrow heavy arches as you swirl the glass. A winning nose coming from the use of small oak barrels both during fermentation and aging, develop vigorous flavors. Absolute nature in the hints of honey and very ripe apricots. Fine, enveloping palate, almost salty. Perfect the equillibrium with a grand prolonged almond finale.

Food pairing: Wine made for meditation or precious pastries.

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